Stinger Lo-Profile

The UniBridge Lo-Profile is a single link system which is easily accessed via the two side cover plates. Located inside is a stainless steel J-Box along with a summing board, which contains individual plug connectors for each load cell, as well as separate adjustment pots for each position. Approach ramps are optional, with hand molded rails or easy installation and removal. All Lo-Profiles are made for drive over traffic with capacities up to 20K and sizes from 3′ x 3′ to 7′ x 9′.

“Stinger” Lo-Profile
testingThe UniBridge Stinger Lo-Profile is our most portable floor scale and comes in capacities from 1K to 5K.

The scales has formed LIVE side rails with rounded edges for safe, easy relocation. Sizes are from 2′ x 2′ to 4′ x 6′ with a profile of 1 1/2″; approach ramps are optional. No bolt down is necessary for scale or ramps.

The Stinger comes with nickel plated pedestal mounts, nickel plated load cells, and a stainless steel J-Box as standard equipment. As with all UniBridge scales, the Stinger is thoroughly sandblasted and coated on all sides with Catalyzed Epoxy paint.

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